Ex-Phineas quizmaster released without charge after taking on the EDL

The UCLU sabb officer was arrested in the West Midlands on Saturday

Bearded BNOC Omar Raii has been released without charge after being arrested at the weekend for breach of the peace at an anti-EDL rally.


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Lefty Raii, UCLU’s External Affairs and Campaigns Officer, was among 29 people arrested for public order offences in Dudley in the West Midlands – near his native Birmingham.

The former Phineas quizmaster, 21, was among anti-fascist demonstrators at an EDL march – a protest against plans for a new mosque in the town.

The union big beast was released without charge about five hours later, along with 24 others.

A beardless Raii in happier times

Designer-stubble Raii in happier times

Speaking to The Tab, Omar criticised police handling of those who had come out to confront the EDL’s far-right rabble.

He said: “I obviously disagree with what they did, it was a very cynical manoeuvre designed simply to allow the EDL to continue marching and stop us from confronting them.”

“I decided to go along to a counter-demonstration to confront them. In the end there were hundreds of EDL members and only a few anti-fascists.”

“The fact that virtually everyone was released without charge shows they just wanted us out of the way.”

This isn’t the first time our elected representatives have fallen foul of the law -eternal student Michael Chessum was arrested for public order offences in 2013 while serving as President of ULU.