UCL Sabb’s Tube Assaulter Brought to Justice

Following a sexual assault on Activities and Events Officer Doris Chen, a man has been found guilty and given a suspended 12 week prison sentence and a place on the sexual offenders register.

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The court heard that Mohammad Islam, 23, was caught masturbating near Chen last November on the Victoria Line between King’s Cross and Highbury and Islington.

The Tab interviewed Chen in February about the incident, as she told of her shock of suddenly feeling “a stream of wetness on the back of [her] leg”.

Doris “Dumbledoris” Chen

Luckily, Chen, with the help of passers-by, managed to hold the man until British Transport Police officers turned up in an incident she described as “kind of a blur”.

Islam faces a suspended 12 week prison sentence, 60 days of sexual offender classes, a weekly meeting with a probationer, and his name on the Sexual Offender Notice for 7 years.

The incident happened on the Victoria Line in November.

Chen said the sentence was “a good mixture of retribution, deterrence and reform. This punishment is justice.”