Your who’s-who guide to the UCLU Women’s Water Polo Varsity squad

Tomorrow night will witness the third day in the London Varsity Series – the Water Polo Varsity will kick off with the women’s sides from UCLU and KCLSU battling it out in the pool.

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Our UC Water Polo girls will clash against King’s tomorrow evening in the first ever Water Polo Varsity.

It will be a tough fight for the girls in purple – UCLU 1s are in BUCS South Eastern 1A whilst KCLSU 1s are in BUCS Premier South.

UCLU have have been training hard both in and out of the steaming ULU pool and will be a tough side to beat.

The Tab presents to you the UCLU Women’s Water Polo Varsity squad:

Cintia Reichel, 20

Worst fear: Doing nothing, losing Sunday’s match

Guilty pleasure: Shouting and eating chips with ice-cream

Others say about you: Uplifting motivator, captain awesome, Miss 110%

Hansy Shore, 18

Worst fear: Getting hit in the nose with a water polo ball!

Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift songs

Others say about you: Theatrical and inexhaustible, baby face who fight like a ninja, power bomb

Aeron Brown, 19

Worst fear: Insects

Guilty pleasure: Singing to Phantom of the Opera

Others say about you: Gob-smackingly good goalie, best sloth impersonator, hottest dance moves

Sabreena Lahie, 21

Favourite quote: “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall” – Vince Lombardi

Guilty pleasures : Any type of cheesecake

Others say about you:  Superb scorer, goaleador, Champion

Rebecca Morgan, 23

Greatest fear: Having to play pit against Kim – she’s savage 😛

Guilty pleasure: My fluffy onesie – you just can’t beat it

Best polo moment: Playing 2 man down, 5 vs full squad of 14, against all odds, scoring a tremendous goal!

Others say about you: Speed-boat, team sweetness, the soothing mother on the team

Greta Omoboni, 19

Worst fear: Breaking my windsurf board or sail and ending up stuck in the middle of the sea really far from shore.

Guilty pleasure: I still occasionally watch Drake and Josh, such a good series!

Others say about you: Loop loyalist, social butterfly

Kim Chisholm, 80 years old at heart

Worst fear: Accidentally drowning my rubber duck

Guilty pleasure: X-rated version – watching men in swim trunks-handling their balls; PG version –  men in swim-trunks and ice cream, or both

Others say about you: Savage pit defence – prepared to scratch your eye out! Ultimate fitness guru

Marguerite Gurda, 18

What is your favourite quote?  “To be defeated and not give in is victory, to win and rest on one’s laurels is defeat” – J. Pilsudski

Who is your  favourite WP player? Viktor Nagy

What are your pet hates? slow walkers, noisy eaters

Others say about you:  “So young and innocent” – I think not… epitome of true determination

Sophie Mayrbaeurl, 19

Greatest fear: Uncertainty

Guilty pleasure: Ben & Jerry’s

Others say about you: Speedy gonzalez, the great new ‘one’, possesses many unleashed powers

Yip Sum Wu, 19

Worst fear: Getting surprised by wasabi hidden in delicious looking sushi

Guilty Pleasure: Disney movies

Others say about you: Dancing diva, fast train

It promises to be another sell-out event, so get your tickets now before it’s too late!