Fit Faculty: Statuesque Beauty

Are you into the silent type? This week’s Fit Faculty is for you.

This week, we ask you to choose between two UCL alumni whose timeless good looks prove that age really is just a number. These Greek athletes spend more time posing around the portico than every awestruck fresher combined – but which one of them will be crowned with the olive wreath of Olympic glory as the fittest faculty member this week?

Stunning Spear Guy

“A girl broke my heart and my spear, so I’ve got some trust issues now. I like to think I’m a sensitive guy. Check out my Tumblr, I write poetry sometimes.”













Dashing Discus Guy

“I like to hit the Bloomsbury Gym eight or nine times a week to work on my guns. I know we didn’t have guns back in Ancient Greece but… I invented them, ladies.”