UCL student accounts barraged with prankster spam UCL Student Email Accounts ukip students

UCL students appear to have been victim of a mass spam email avalanche, after a flurry of bizarre emails since Tuesday afternoon.

Political Banter

Students have received emails detailing their registrations to UKIP, the website of US Republican Ron Paul, and ‘the worlds largest matrimonial service’

The prank appears to have come from a student who has mischief on their minds, with an email lamenting the end of Malcolm Grant’s tenure and claiming that:

“as of 6pm this friday the faculty of social and historical sciences will be no more. In order to save funds in these tough times and to focus on business endeavors in the gulf our faculty has been deemed dead wood, weighting down the university.”

The email is signed off from Professor Stephen Smith, Dean of Economics, ending on: “The buildings will be sold, staff who cannot be retrained will be put down and i will be put out to graze in a lovely green field in the home counties.”

This morning students were greeted with another barrage of emails welcoming “Malcolm Grant” to

The pre-Christmas prank hasn’t been taking lightly by all students however. Max Titmuss replied in an angry fashion, saying “STOP THE SPAM”.

Not everyone has a sense of humor apparently.