UCL Confessions page deleted after pressure from the University

UCL Confessions facebook page was shut down this week at the behest of the university.

The page was wildly popular with 2730 ‘likes’, and brought into the public realm the sordid stories of UCL students on their many varied and debaucherous escapades.

However the group proved unpopular with UCL, who were unhappy with the university’s name being sullied by its heavy drinking, drug addled, lecherous population, as the many confessions on the page would suggest.

The creator of the group told The Tab:

“(the page) was taken down because UCL contacted us saying that UCL’s name could not be used. I was sad when it was deleted. I think it’s normal for UCL to protect their image but they should allow stuff like that, it’s just some fun.”

Perhaps UCL didn’t get the joke?

UCL Confessions is the latest victim of a crackdown from universities asking for creators to take down the Facebook pages. Both KCL and LSE pages being shut down last week.

Meanwhile a substitute page seems to have already popped up entitled “USeelz Unay Confessions” Despite having been founded before the now deleted UCL Confessions, it was usurped in popularity by the now defunct page.

Students will no doubt lament the page’s demise. There really will be no better substitute for procrastination. Will ‘USeelz Unay Confesssions” prove as popular? Only time will tell.