A Musical Guide to Being a Fresher

Rachael Thorn offers some valuable First Year advice through the medium of song.

Adele Beach Boys Freshers Maximo Park music Radiohead Stereophonics The Beatles The Strokes The Verve
Rachael Thorn gives her take on the top 10 songs that sum up being a fresher. An essential playlist for any pre game activities. 
1.Act Naturally – The Beatles
“Oh my god! You went travelling in South America too?! No way!!” – Way. Who the fuck didn’t?
2.Apply Some Pressure – Maximo Park
Never Have I Ever, Drinking Till You Vomit, Being Extrovert for 168 hours (that’s right, you won’t sleep). Third year exams will be a walk in the park.
3.Hometown Glory – Adele
Seriously just make it up. ‘Luton’ is never going to get the conversation flowing.
4.Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics
That one corridor neighbour who refuses to give up the idea of spending the whole day seeing the sights. All 137 of them.
5.Hard to Explain – The Strokes
Waking up in Regent’s Park. No clothes but an eclectic selection of London’s finest transport signs.
6.I’m Afraid of Americans – David Bowie
Affiliate Students and beer pong. That’s all I’m saying.
7.Cigarettes and Alcohol – Oasis
Or Cocaine by Eric Clapton if your Dad’s an investment banker.
8.Creep – Radiohead
‘So I added everyone on Facebook from my course list before I arrived. Yeah, sorry about the pokes.’
9.Love is Noise – The Verve
REALLY loud noise. Through paper-thin halls walls. At least someone’s getting some.
10.Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys.
Under no circumstances can you admit that your freshers’ week was just a little bit shit.