With the emphasis on rowing and boat sports growing and growing, The Buzz finds out how UCLU’s rower have already found success this season, and don’t look like stopping there.

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UCLUBC have had a strong start to the year. With 120 members and great success already, they look bigger and better than ever.


The club’s winter racing got off to a good start with the men’s and women’s first VIII’s travelling to Basel, Switzerland to compete in Basel Head for the first time on the 19th of November. This sensational 6.8km race which included a hairpin bend was raced right through the centre of the city and was unlike anything any of the squad had ever done before.


Many of the best national teams in Europe were competing and as the only British crews, the UCLUBC attracted attention, but dealt with the pressure superbly. The men had a fantastic race to finish 12th overall and the women came a very respectable 47th.


The novices had their first race on the same day at Cambridge, with the girls winning and the boys coming a close second. They continued this success two weeks later with wins for both the girls and boys at the United Hospital’s Novice Sprints.


In early December, UCLUBC dominated London’s only intercollegiate event, The Allom Cup, winning novice men’s and women’s VIII’s, intermediate women’s VIII’s, intermediate and senior men’s VI’s, as well as senior men’s VIII’s.


The men’s first VIII’s therefore won the Allom Cup itself, which is now in the trophy cupboard at the Bloomsbury Gym.


This term, the club look forward to the greatly anticipated Take Me Out on March 3rd, as well as a lot more racing. The biggest dates are the Head of the River Race for the men on March 17th, and the Women’s Head of the River on March 3rd. Both run from Chiswick to Putney, at which supporters on bridges are always very much appreciated!!