Here are the Liverpool events from June 21st you can already book tickets for

Excited is an understatement

There are two things hated the most in life right now: Lockdown, and those annoying pessimistic people who keep voicing their unnecessary, boring opinions that lockdown won’t end on June 21st. The clothes have been bought, the money has been saved, we are manifesting clubs re-opening so we can all get out there and have the time of our lives.

And there truly is no better place to have the time of our post-lockdown lives than in Liverpool. For those of us lucky enough to have experienced the gold dust that was a night out in Liverpool, we can all agree that we are craving the same things: Fake-tan stained bedsheets, the heat of the club hitting you as you walk in whilst adjusting your hoops, and that heavenly pizza whilst drunk texting an ex on the stairs of St. Lukes Church. We had it good, but it’s about to get better.

Although June 21st might seem like a lifetime away, it really isn’t. You may consider yourself a laid-back individual, but don’t cry when it comes to the manic week that will be the 21st when you and your mates can’t get in anywhere and remain stuck inside. To avoid that catastrophe, here are the events you can book on Fatsoma today ready:

Monday 21st June:

Free Post-Lockdown Party at a location TBA

Block Party Monday: The Reopening Party at BrooklynMixer

Level- The First Dance at LEVEL

Pandamonium Saturdays Reopening Party at Electrik Warehouse

Tuesday 22nd June:

SKINT Tuesdays – The Reunion at Peacock & Moloko, St. Peter’s Square

Wednesday 23rd June:

Quids In Wednesdays: The Homecoming Party at LEVEL

Thursday 24th June:

Dirty Antics – The Return at Heebie Jeebies

Friday 25th June:

Medication at Electrik Warehouse

Runway Fridays Reopening Party at Ink Bar

Saturday 26th June:

Level Saturday at, you guessed it, LEVEL

Summer Indoors 90s Rave at Camp and Furnace

Sunday 27th June:

ABBA! Night at 24 Kitchen Street

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