Here are the best places in Liverpool to buy houseplants

As if you don’t have enough already

Moving to Liverpool Uni means one thing: You need to get your life together and invest in some houseplants to prove that you’re now a fully-fledged adult. Not sure how to decorate your room? Plants. Want to feel like you’ve got your life together even though you’re already behind on Week Two work? Plants. Need a bit of self-care because we’re in a pandemic that’s getting in the way of life? Plants. Plants. Plants. Plants. Plants.

Ikea is always a safe spot for some cute plants, but here are some independent places to buy houseplants in Liverpool you can support right now whilst still abiding by governmental restrictions to help you achieve that Pinterest worthy student room.

Here are all the best places to buy houseplants in Liverpool:


Root is one of those hidden gems that you never know about until someone tells you, so this is me telling you. Tucked behind Liverpool One’s Primark in the Bluecoat building, this little shop will satisfy all your leafy green needs. They have a huge range of houseplants and flowers, and it’s actually surprisingly reasonably priced.



If hanging houseplants is your thing, Bold Street’s Grin is defo the place to go. Plus, it’s technically a vintage clothes shop so you can get all your cool indie stuff at the same time.


Utility is one of those incredible places where you can find a designer teapot right next to a knitted string of fairy-lights and lightly offensive birthday cards. But the real winner here is the plants. It’s the Pinterest kind of vibe you’ve always dreamed of. Bold Street is the best, but if you’re already in L1, then there’s a Utility there too, just by Urban Outfitters.



Not exactly the first place you think of when you want a little pot plant, but Liverpool One’s Lush is so extra that they actually have a florist just as you walk in. They’ve normally got a few little succulents and things if you’re really getting desperate, but these are probably a bit pricier than some of the other places.


Crazy Plant Lady

Who knows if this little stall has an actual official name, but for now we’re going to lovingly call her the Crazy Plant Lady. This is just an independent market stall that sells mostly flowers and bouquets, but she has a great selection of medium-sized leafy greens that are perfect to make your room into a certified jungle. Plus, she’s right outside Baltic Market so you can get your beloved halloumi fries at the same time.

Random other places

Loads of unexpected places also normally have a little selection of succulents and cacti, so if you can’t be bothered to trek into L1 then you’re covered. Aside from IKEA (which is obviously king), try the home sections of Wilko and Home Bargains. You’ll deffo find something without spending your entire student loan on it (been there, no regrets, but still).

Just like how you need to sanitise your hands and keep your distance to stay healthy, remember to water the poor things so they get to live too.

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