Georgian Quarter is the most underrated student area in Liverpool

And here’s why this is a fact

Soon it will be that time again where students either move into or start looking for houses to live in, after life in accommodation. Traditionally, the Georgian Quarter gets overlooked by the likes of Smithdown and Kensington due to it being expensive for accommodation there. However, those who have chosen to live around the area will want to know what to expect.

Due to the current restrictions because of COVID-19 *yawning*, some of the things you will read in the article might not allowed at the moment, but hopefully, when this all passes this article will have some relevance. The Georgian Quarter provides a great environment to be in. It might be expensive, but the convenience and liveliness that surrounds the area make for a great place to live.


Whilst living in the Georgian Quarter you might find a letter through your door explaining that there will be filming on your road, and no this does not mean you’re going to be on the show as an extra. However, it can be exciting when the film crew arrives and completely transforms your house or road. It is a nice contrast to the mould redecorating houses in Smithdown and Kenny. Notable film sites include Peaky Blinders and Sherlock Holmes. However, the excitement does not last long. When the crew turns up to create the set they are notoriously very loud and very early. For a student, this is not a good combination when all you can hear is crash and bang at 6:30 in the morning as well as the fluorescent flashing lights on the big vans coming through your blinds. And although it is tempting to stick your middle finger up at them hoping they would catch it on camera, you can get into trouble – I’d advise not to.

Hangover friendly

We’ve all been there: You’re in bed, after the spontaneous night out you had, finding yourself hanging out of your arse regretting the amount you have consumed, after saying you would go out for the notorious ‘one bev’. All you want is some greasy food but you have a seminar or lecture. Well living in the Georgian Quarter comes as a blessing. The substitute for having to wake up earlier, getting a bus or taxi into campus is a nice easy five-minute walk. You’ve managed to last the hour and prevent the remnants of last night in your stomach coming back up. The availability of not waiting for the bus, wondering whether you’ll make it without chundering, you can head to KFC or subway on your way back, get it down you and get back to bed all in a walking distance – convenience at its finest.

eJoy Asian Foods is a must

If you’re in the mood for an oriental dinner or craving some of Asia’s finest noodles then look no further. Based on the corner of Bedford Street South and Myrtle Street, the shop has a variety of Asian ingredients to choose from not found in most supermarkets. It also provides a series of stalls where you can buy Asian cuisines such as noodle dishes, dumplings, chow mein etc plenty for both meat eaters and veggies/vegans. Honestly, not even joking the Spicy Singapore Noodles are ridiculous.

Heron Foods

When living around the Georgian Quarter one might be tempted to shop at either the Co-op or Tesco’s, or maybe indulge in the variety of fast food places such as KFC or the Subway located on Myrtle Street and Vine Court. If you want to max out your overdraft relatively quickly, I’d try to avoid this habit. Unfortunately, your next best alternatives for a big shop such as Aldi and Lidl are a 15 min walk into the middle of town. However, Heron Foods is a great, cheap alternative. Although the idea of frozen food doesn’t seem like the freshest choice and believe me when first going into the shop some of the food doesn’t look the most appetising but hey ho, we’re students and its cheap and I haven’t got food poisoning yet so that must be a good sign. Do you like innocent smoothies? Well instead of paying 3 quid for a small one, try £1 for a big one. Pick up Ben and Jerry’s or Halo Top for less that £2. Prices don’t get better than that people.

Nice local environment

Being situated near the centre of town, there is a good chance you will run into the locals if you don’t hear them singing and shouting in the streets you might catch a glimpse of them dancing or stumbling in the streets. Although watching the students helplessly trying to find their way home can be amusing, if you’re a light sleeper I would recommend earplugs as an investment it might just save you from getting awoken by some indie kid singing ‘Wonderwall’ or some so-called ‘football fan’ singing the ‘Mo Salah’ chant – as a Manc neither are ideal. But, as a given, being the centre of a city you will hear the frequent police, ambulance, or fire engine sirens going past. There are quite a lot of homeless people around the shops near you, all are very nice, if you have a spare couple of quid, buy them a sandwich or if you have any old clothing I’m sure they would appreciate it seeing as though we’re coming up to winter. I would say that the area is ideal for third-year students who have realised they have actually have to actually do work this year.

No need for transport

Although the Georgian Quarter gets slated for its expensive cost of living. Everything you need whether it be shopping, pubs, University, restaurants etc is all walking distance, the city centre is a 10-minute walk, University less than that. There is no need for any form on transport like buses or taxis. Even when you’re steaming on the way back from a night out or the pub, it won’t take you long to walk back, in which provides entertainment in itself attempting to get up the hill back to the gaff.

No Brookie? No problem!

The most popular pub for a Liverpool university student is, yes you guessed it, the Brookie. To be honest, I do like the Brookie, I don’t need to go into the reasons because they’re covered often in other articles. But for those in the Georgian Quarter who do not want to trek to Smithdown, there are plenty of alternatives with a similar atmosphere. Located on Roscoe Street, The Grapes is a popular choice offering cheap pints, live jazz and beer garden. Similarly, the Pilgrim is another popular choice offering similar prices and live music. If you are fancying a bit more of a bouji night then being by the city centre allows for lots of choices. It also allows for a variety of places to go, which is ideal for a pub crawl – just a thought.

Big Houses, big (household only) parties

Most of the student houses here are huge. The majority of them sleep eight to ten people, which is obviously ideal if you are wanting to live with a big group of friends. You may be illegal to host house parties and invite other households over, but having a big house means there’s always enough people to have a gathering with. I will say, however, the bigger the house the bigger the cleaning job.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better insight into life in the Georgian Quarter. We’re not all pretentious, and to be honest the prices probably match when it comes to taxi fairs and bus passes over the entire year.

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