Here’s the celebrities who studied at UoL and LJMU

Sorry, WHICH Petshop Boy went to UoL?

The city of Liverpool is no stranger to fame, from footballers to actors and musicians (you know that really underground band The Beatles?), we have it all.  But have you ever wondered if you’re studying in the same location that someone with a Wikipedia page previously has? If this thought goes through your head as often as it does mine then perfect, read on.

We’ve devised a list below of all the relatively well-known people who’ve sat in the Sj library, ridden the 699 bus, and maybe even tried a guild burrito. Behold: A thoroughly-researched list of celebs who studied in Liverpool:

 Jon Snow- Journalist (UoL)

No, not the Game of Thrones Jon Snow, the Chanel 4 news presenter Jon Snow who studied Law at UoL in 1970. He was actually expelled during his time here for his involvement in an anti-apartheid student socialist protest, and since then has gone onto be a highly credited journalist with numerous accolades to his name including a BAFTA fellowship award and an OBE (which he turned down). Despite not actually graduating, he was awarded an honorary degree by the uni in 2011 for his services to journalism so you could say he’s done well for himself in the end.


Nick Grimshaw- Radio One DJ (UoL)

Most known for presenting Radio One’s breakfast show for six years, Grimshaw studied Communication and Media Studies between 2002 and 2005 but actually failed his final year, which is a huge mood right now at UoL. Nevertheless, he was a member of the uni’s radio station ICON Radio which is now the ‘Liverpool Guild Student Media’ so if that’s not something for the current members to flex on their CV I don’t know what is.


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Oldham’s Kris Jenner

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Dame Carol Anne Duffy- Poet (UoL)

Remember her from that GCSE poetry anthology? Duffy is a renowned poet and playwright who up until 2019 was the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom (impressive, right?). She studied Philosophy at UoL in 1974 and is the first person on our list who actually graduated after her three years of studies. During her career, Duffy has written poems for the Royal wedding in 2012, Manchester Pride, and the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, so you could say she’s had a pretty hefty career. To think she might’ve cried and pulled an all-nighter in the same spot as you in the SJ library.


Andy Brown- Singer (UoL)

This is where the list takes a slightly more obscure turn: Remember Lawson? That band from like 2012 who’s songs I actually can’t recall. Anyway, the frontman Andy Brown studied Internet Computing here of all things in 2008 and yes, did graduate.


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Victoria Derbyshire- News presenter and Journalist (UoL)

Yes, another news presenter in our ranks, she studied English Language and Literature in 1989 and is probably best known for presenting BBC News and Newsnight. She’s also won numerous accolades for her handling of more complex issues during interviews and her all-round interviewing style. So, next time you’re watching the news whilst waiting for your pasta to boil you can start an interesting conversation with your new flatmates by going “did you know she actually went to our uni?”, trust me it’s better than cooking in awkward silence again.



Anton Lesser- Actor (UoL)

 Forget the confusion around which Jon Snow actually went to UoL, another Game of Thrones star did indeed study here. Qyburn  (Anton Lesser) studied Architecture in 1973 and went on to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, bit of a career change I must say. Lesser also has a role in the crime series Endeavour which your parents probably watch.


Chris Lowe- a member of the Petshop Boys (UoL)

You know the Petshop boys, that band your mum listens to while reliving her own university days? Chris Lowe, one half of the duo studied architecture in 1984 but was another one of our alumni who didn’t graduate, sadly there hasn’t been any famous architects graduating from UoL in the past.

James Quincy- CEO of Coca-Cola (UoL)

 So, the actual president and CEO of Coca-Cola studied Electronic Engineering at UoL in 1986, and if that’s not impressive enough I don’t know what is. He also actually finished his degree, so when you’re sat at your desk cramming in a last-minute assignment, just think it will all be worth it because you might just become the CEO of Coca-Cola one day.


Ted Robins- Actor (UoL)

The only thing I actually remember him from was that episode of Come Fly With Me where he plays a drunk pilot in Duty-Free. Since graduating in 1986, he’s appeared in Pheonix Nights, Little Britain, and Benidorm. You know, all those very PC TV shows from the late 2000’s.


Claire Foy- Actress (LJMU)

The actual Queen Elizabeth II from The Crown on Netflix studied Drama and Screen Studies at John Moores and has since earned herself a Golden Globe award, an Emmy award, and starred alongside ex-spiderman Andrew Garfield himself. I think you could say she’s had somewhat of a successful career since her time at JMU.


Beth Tweddle- Gymnast (LJMU)

Beth has competed in three Olympic Games, been the first British gymnast to win bronze at the World Championships, been a Commonwealth Champion, and the National Champion for seven years running, all while studying Sports Science at JMU. Just think about that the next time you’re struggling to get up for your 9 am.


Mohamed Nasheed- Politician (LJMU)

So this one is quite surprising: The former president of the Maldives and the leader of the Maldivian Democratic Party (which he founded himself) has a degree in Maritime Studies from JMU. He has subsequently been jailed 13 times for his condemnation of the previous Maldivian government but has become world-renowned for his fight against climate change. Clearly, his time at John Moores served him well.


Roxanne Pallett- Actress (LJMU)

Remember her from Celebrity Big Brother causing all that drama with Ryan Thomas in 2018? Before all that, she studied Media and Cultural Studies before pursuing a career in acting and appearing as Jo Stiles in Emmerdale for three years.

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More fun times @jeremyvineon5 talking Boris, trolling, and why getting other people to compensate you for a bad date! Very special to meet @roxannepallettofficial who is living proof that we are all stronger than we realise. Never judge anyone for their decisions because you never know what they are dealing with behind the scenes. Knowing your worth, walking away from people who do not have your best interests at heart, is a vital life skill. Sometimes we only find out who our friends are when we hit a rough patch, but better that, than being held back by toxic people who don't want the best for you. #inspiringwomen #jemmaforte #roxannepallett #tvdebate #AgonyAunt #jeremyvineon5 #jeremyvine #forgiveness #forgiveyourself #selfcare #selfworth #loveyourself #gratitude

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