The Raz is re-opening today this is NOT a drill

Ugh ruin my shoes and drip sweat on me already

COVID-19 has taken an awful lot away from us students: graduations, final uni memories, year abroad experiences that would’ve been the only topic of conversations for the rest of our lives- it’s really fucked us all over. Here we are, lying on our beds all day scrolling through happy memories of losing our dignities in the streets of Liverpool longing for that embarrassment when you wake up and feel the fear.

Every Monday night, if you’re a fun human and not a snobby little brat that is, you probably wonder how drunk you’d be right now if things hadn’t gone to shit. Would I be getting grinded on by a fellow sweaty person right now? Would I be puking up my Fat Frogs and Raz Bomb concoction and still be living my best life? Would my boobs be falling out of my top because it wasn’t designed for dancing to Mr Brightside? You sigh, open Tinder and continue to wait patiently for your life to return to normal.

Well, today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Get those manky abandoned trainers out from the pits of your wardrobe and your Echo Falls chilling in the fridge- The Raz has announced that they’re re-opening tonight from 9pm to 1am.

They’re asking for your details and ID on the door and only letting a limited number of people in so chances are you won’t see that one night stand you saw every time last year. Result!

Get stretching those arms ready to hit the ceiling (if the basements even open that is), looks like things are looking up.

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