Anyone got an extinguisher? Because heat two of Smithdown’s Spiciest is on FIRE

Brb getting a fan to cope with this heat

Your bored selves have had a pretty long time to cast votes on who you think should be put through to round two of Smithdown’s Spiciest and here’s finally the results you’ve been itching to see.

In this pathetic excuse for a summer with only Instagram to sort out the hotties from the notties, we asked these fit people a very important (and quite unknown but ok) question: what’s your go-to Baa Bar shooter? Because, you know, psychology of choice and all that.

Wait no more, the time has come to discover the four spicy individuals who are one round closer to being crowned Smithdown’s Spiciest 2020.

1. Piers Milton, third year Law


Piers has been keeping himself busy in lockdown with painting and skating and actually admitted to being “not too sure what a Baa Bar shooter is ngl.”

How mysterious

2. Jessye Dawson, third year Psychology


Jessye has only ever had one Baa Bar shooter since being at uni (sigh), but says that her friends describe her as “weird and fun with a solid sense of humour.” How adorable.

3. Matty Ross, third year Law and Spanish


Matty feels like he deserves to make it to the final because: “Like seriously has a gay guy ever won this before? Not only that but has a GEORDIE?”

Matty has been busy chatting fellas up with his sexy Spanish skills in lockdown. He may not know the names of any shooters, but he does know the names of the months in Spanish, so every cloud.

4. Katie Wren, third year Psychology


Katie used her time in lockdown wisely by cramming years worth of her dissertation into a month period which makes her incredibly relatable. Her favourite shooter? “Which ever is the strongest!” What a mood, Katie.

Get voting down below on who you want to see in the FINAL of Smithdown’s Spiciest 2020: