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Nominations for the Hottest Smithdown Spice are NOW OPEN!

Because what else are you meant to drool over now everything’s shut?

Okay, imagine the Liverpool BNOC nominations but 100x more interesting.

If you’re not staring at your ceiling or sleeping lockdown away, chances are you’ve been scrolling through those regretful Snapchat memories reminiscing losing your dignity in Concert Square with fellow dressed up people. The distant memories of buying cheap Aldi vodka, lathering yourself in fake tan and waking up feeling sorry for your sheets, patiently glueing eyelashes on and wearing anything other than stained pyjamas- safe to say we are all missing looking fit in the fittest city in the UK.

Fed up of your Insta no longer consisting of fit pics of you in town? Now is the chance to show either yourself or a mate off to the world (well, Liverpool) in Liverpool’s first ever Hottest Smithdown Spice competition 2020!

Do you know someone who rocks the basic Carnatic bleached-blonde hair with dark brown roots showing? Does your mental rugby team mate constantly pull in Baa Bar? Did you vomit up your Nabzy’s but still look fit enough to feature in someone’s Insta? Sounds like they could do with an ego-boost and be nominated for the title of Hottest Smithdown Spice 2020.

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Get nominating by filling in below because we know you have nothing better to do and who knows, maybe the Hottest Smithdown Spice is actually that person you snarled at in Asda yesterday for taking the last carton of soya milk.