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These are all the most unlikely friends you’ll make during your time in Liverpool

They’re gonna be nothing like your mates from home, trust us

One of the first thoughts after opening UCAS track and discovering we didn't do too shabby in the end is all the mates we're due to make. We've already mingled and added some people who we might encounter, but the real friends come when we least expect it, and you'll instantly know you'll be besties for life (or a mere few minutes, but they're just as memorable really).

Your friend's other half

When your bezzie got a boyfriend in sixth form, your interaction only went as far as an awkward drink in Spoons for her birthday. However, with your Crown Place pal, having to listen to her having loud sex with her long-distance love and seeing him cook pasta in his undies suddenly means you're past the uncomfortable stage; you are weirdly friendly with him, so much that you actually feel a pang of sadness when he goes back to Leeds on Sunday. Please come again soon, Ryan.

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No couple feeling left out here

The flatmate you think you have nothing in common with

Your friends at home are almost carbon copies of you, sharing your penchant for Domino's pizza and wholesome dog videos. So when you enter Greenbank for the first time, you expect to imitate this pattern. However, the girl who fits this bill is a right bitch.

You feel much more at ease with the kettiest lad you've ever met, he inspires you to go Baltic Triangle over Black Rabbit, the international student from a country you only knew from Pointless and a girl who would much rather take you to a fancy vegan restaurant like Down The Hatch or The Egg Cafe, instead of the average chain you're used to. It even makes you realise that your old friends may actually be a little bland? We'll keep that one a secret though.

The 'annoying' person on your course

Posh, smart and sucks up to the lecturer – you'd have thought the teacher's pet moved on after Year 11. Nevertheless, after you pensively messaged them when you were super stuck on coursework, you realised they're actually a pretty sound person, and the good influence we desperately needed for our grades' sake. Don't let this one slip through your fingers in second and third year.

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Bless up our SJ buddy

Your seminar tutor

The closest you got to a friendship with a schoolteacher was when they patted you on the back for getting an A*. Roll on uni and this is taken to a whole new level, as Lindsay who teaches your Renaissance seminar pours you a brew as you congratulate her on her son's success in Year 3. Let's not tell anyone that you selected your third year modules just because she's the convenor on them…

The people also waiting in Nabzy's

You're crying, all your mates have disappeared, and you've definitely not got enough dollar for some donner. Behold, your knight(s) in shining armour swoop in, and you share even better stories than you did with the lasses in the Level toilets. The cute one might even make up for your pulling ability being a shambles. You may never meet them again, but at least you'll consistently be offering each other Instagram support. Much love, my Nabzy's sweethearts.

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You wouldn't have this much banter with the 699 driver

Scouse cabbies/Uber drivers

Relieving your guilt for not just using your MyTicket, these Delta dreamboys don't just ask the average questions about your night. They're supporting your pizza choices, recalling tales about their heyday, and reassuring you that you're not the worst passenger he's ever had, despite the sick all over the seat. A 5/5 rating and an astonishing tip later, you can only pray your paths (or roads) cross again.

Locals out on a Saturday night

Somehow you were convinced to hit town at the weekend, despite looking massively under-dressed in your jeans and a nice top compared to their dresses and heels. Your anguish is fortunately diminished nonetheless, as these Scousers chat to you at the bar. They remind you that "you should jib your divvy boyfriend, la" and proceed to buy you the strongest double vodka coke to get your mind in a better place. You'll hardly remember your night in McCooleys, never mind all the shit he's done.

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Sunday morning hungover cuddles, remembering our Scouse saviours

The person from your old school

A few years back, they were the one in your geography class that loved hockey and horses too much. At uni, they're your partner in crime (in Concert Square over the common room), and they're totally in on bitching seshes that nobody else would understand. Oh, so you actually bloody loathed Rhianne? Please, tell me more.

The bouncers

The real pro of getting to the front of the horrendous Heebies queue.

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