A cereal and board game cafe is set to open on Smithdown Road

Yet another reason not to bother with Kenny

Students rejoice, as our favourite hangover cure/all-round easy meal is taking a fancy twist, as a cereal and board game cafe is coming to Smithdown Road, as revealed by Independent Liverpool.

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A bit better than breakfasts in Carnatic

With its doors due to open in September, perfect timing for when we return for the upcoming academic year, Tiny Ricks is destined to be another independent hit in the student-filled area, when we need a break from the usual Brookie for a childhood throwback.

Previously situated in the city centre, the new location is set to be "bigger and better", with over 400 (swear mum and dad never bought us this many) board games and 100 cereals to choose from.

Alongside the promise of evening events and alcohol, we know for sure this is gonna be a staple for our upcoming Instagram posts.