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UoL has confirmed students will NOT be receiving any money back due to the strikes

Disappointed, but not surprised

A couple of days ago The Tab broke the news that King's College London is offering refunds to students because of the lecturers' strike. As a result of this, The Tab Liverpool got in contact with the University of Liverpool Press Office to see if there was any chance that UoL would be following suit.

When asked if the university was going to be refunding its students this was the response:

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"We appreciate that these will be anxious times for some students whose education has been impacted by the industrial action and we want to continue to support their learning with us. We continue to take steps to make sure that students whose lectures have been cancelled owing to this action have other appropriate opportunities, including receiving learning materials as well as self-directed learning, to enable them to achieve learning outcomes."

This response is disappointing for UoL students, who are at the very heart of the pensions dispute as Vice Chancellor Janet Beer is also the President of Universities UK, the organisation in conflict with striking lecturers.