The Singh Twins at the Walker Art Gallery

Slaves of Fashion exhibition

The Walker Art gallery is home to a wide range of artwork, including a brand new exhibition by The Singh Twins. Slaves of Fashion documents historical issues such as slavery and colonialism within fashion.

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The artwork gives a deep insight into the unjust actions of the British Empire on India and other parts of the world. As the exhibition discusses fashion, it shows how detailed, patterned and colourful fabrics from India were heavily sort after in Britain. The works also touch on Liverpool's maritime involvement, being a heavily used port.

Renowned for their hand-paintings, the latest work by The Singh twins is a compilation of paintings and imagery that has been digitally created for the exhibition.

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As well as highlighting issues from years gone by, the artwork expresses current affairs such as luxury consumerism and whether or not it is responsible.

The artwork is truly amazing and is well worth a visit, why not use your free afternoon to have a look. It will be in Liverpool until May 2018 and its free to enter, a student's favourite thing to hear.