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BREAKING: Armed police response on Smithdown

Armed police have been seen aiming their weapons into a car, before a man was put in handcuffs

Earlier today armed police responded to an incident on Smithdown Road. The incident occurred outside the Tavern Company restaurant near Penny Lane.

A cordon was set up across the road, as police surrounded a dark silver car with rear blacked out windows. Officers then pointed their weapons into the vehicle, which had its passenger door open.

The Echo reported that a man was seen to be pulled out of the rear seats at gunpoint followed by several armed officers surrounding a male who was lying face down on the ground. He was searched by one of the officers whilst the others surrounded the vehicle, suggesting there may have been more than one person in the car.

A Liverpool Hope student on the scene said "Armed police were surrounding a grey vehicle, including four police cars and one police van."

The recovery team followed shortly after preparing to take the vehicle away which was surrounded by armed police.