Liverpool student distraught over lost parrot

He’s willing to risk his savings just to find her

Liverpool student, Callum Owens, has put aside what little he has to spare in the hope of someone returning his escaped African grey parrot, Sybil. The three-year-old African grey has a striking red tail and a ring on her left leg.

She was last seen in the Fazakerley area of Liverpool last week. Notable sightings have included Walton ASDA and the Barlow Lane Co-op. She has also been spotted in some local gardens.

The bird was a surprise 18th birthday present and was intended as a lifelong companion for the 21-year-old Economics and Mathematical Science student studying at the Open University.

Her red tail is a key feature

Callum told us, “I’d like to think nobody would try and keep her, but with some of the prank calls I’ve had it’s just really sad. You just never know who might find her.

“Her name is Sybil, it essentially came from watching Downton Abbey at the time. I suggested it and don’t think anyone liked the name at first but it sort of stuck.”

He believes that she might be adapting to life in the wild by surviving on fruit from nearby allotments, however there is still the chance she could become malnourished and may be in danger.

African grey parrots are one of the most intelligent animals in the animal kingdom and can live as long as 60 years when kept as pets.

Callum has advised anyone who finds Sybil not to try and catch her as she will likely become distressed and fly away. He added that anyone who finds her should try to offer her fruit and water in order to gain her trust, then call him immediately, whilst keeping an eye on her.

In order to bring Sybil home safely Callum has put aside savings for the worst-case scenario that someone attempts to keep the bird as their own.

Anyone with information or sightings can contact Callum Owens on 07986226447.