We had some questions for Cool It, and they answered

Turns out they’re pretty funny guys

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Last week we asked Cool It the most important questions all students have about their famous nights. From Juicy to Quid’s In, umbrellas to shit filters, we finally got answers.

Why do you always carry umbrellas? 

It’s an ancient Cool It tradition that’s been lost in time. No one knows why, but when you start working for us you have an umbrella fused to one arm. 

Even when it’s not raining?

Once fused to the arm, it’s a bit tricky to remove.

Do they make you feel important?

No, they make us feel dry.

Who makes your personalised Gilets? 

Our Nan’s.

Do they make you feel like a dickhead? Or, do they make you feel cool?

Like a dickhead, but don’t tell our Nan’s.

Can we have one?

If you want to look like a dickhead, sure.

WHO is your photographer?

The simply iconic Conor Maudo.

Hi Conor

Can we have his name?

Yes, look up. Just don’t say it 3 times in the mirror or he’ll jump out and start snapping.

Does he ever have a day off?

We give him Sundays to do as he pleases. He likes farming apparently (See pic attached).

How often do people make him retake their pictures?

We’re informed, more than he would like.

Does this annoy him?

Of course not, he lives for this shit.

Does he have trust issues?

When we asked him he averted eye contact, said nothing and ran away. We think he possibly does.

Why does he like to use the worst filters on his pictures?

He takes joy in your pain

Why do his pictures make my contour look like dirt? I blended it I SWEAR.

He’s a photographer not a magician, he can only work with what’s in front of him…Blend harder.

And why does my hair always look so shiny?

See previous answer

What editing app does he use?

If he told us he would have to kill us.

Can he change it?

We have sent word

Do you feel threatened by the Raz?

No, we appreciate it and it’s musty ambience 

What about McCooley’s?

We love McCooley’s and hold our pre Love Wednesdays event here before Level. Banging Sunday Roast too.

Remember Bumper?


What happened to Bumper?

It unfortunately went to big bar graveyard in the sky, but lives on in our drunken memories. 

Why is there an excessive queue for Juicy?

Because it’s a tremendous evening out.

Do you like Juicy?

We like it more than most of our own families. 

We like Juicy, can you get us in Free?

Slide in to the DM’s and we’ll talk.

Why do girls dance in the windows of Level?

Why not eh, it’s fun to dance.

Do the AU teams piss you off? (They do, don’t they?)

They’re like a bunch of kids who’ve eaten too many smarties. Hyper, hard to control, yet extremely loveable. 

What’s your favourite floor of Level?

Outdoor area, it’s majestic.

Or, do you secretly agree that the smoking area is the best part of Level?

We’re in sync.

Who decides when the guest list is closed? The fun police?

Father Time decides

Why do they decide Guest list is closed.

Rules are rules

Why isn’t gin on any of your drinks deals?

We’re not entirely sure…Watch this space

Do you not care about the people who like gin?

We love everyone regardless of their alcohol loyalty

Why is Heebies on a Thursday SO full?

It’s big in the game

Anyway, why is it called ‘Quids In’ when it is more than a £1 in?

£1 on guest list early doors. And everyone is quids in when £1 drinks are on the table, bottoms up

Why is the non – VIP part of Ink so shit?

Sounds like sour grapes this to us…We’ll get you some wristbands next time promise

How do we get in the VIP?

Once again, slide up in those DM’s

Is Envi still a thing?

It’s actually levelled up and become the iconic after hours playground that is Fusion.

When is Phil Mitchell coming back?

He’s still Phil Mitchelled from last time…

Which club has the fittest people?

Level. Biggest place, more people to choose from. Simple maths

What’s your favourite night of the week?

Sunday cause we can sleep

And, what’s your worst?

Also Sunday ‘cos we can never sleep.

Thanks Cool It!