Campus Style: Fresh February edition

Who’s dressed to impress on campus this week?

Let’s face it, getting back into the routine of uni has been brutal to say the least. The only thing that’s been getting us through are those disastrous Tuesday nights in Juicy and those even worse nights in Level. Our new years resolutions of getting fit and healthy evaporated a while back, our skin is starting to break out and our student loans have long disappeared on those January sales.

However, in light of the depressing weather and general gloomy atmosphere on campus, Liverpool students’ fashion game seems to be one thing has avoided taking the hit. Whether you’re chained to a desk at the SJ or nailing that 9am, this semester everyone is smashing the style game.

Maria, Law with Spanish, Second Year

Maria’s 90s inspired sweatshirt and cap are a winning combo, paired with the never-failing bomber and ripped jeans. We love the way she’s paired the old with the new, and her black Air Forces top of her look perfectly.

Bryn, Chemistry, Second Year

Bryn’s canary yellow sweatshirt is bright enough to cheer up anyone’s day, and he balances his look perfectly with an otherwise dark ensemble. His backwards cap is a staple piece, and we’re all jealous of his warm coat in this awful rain!

Daisy, Urban Planning, First Year

Daisy’s look is head-to-toe vintage inspired, with a classic 90s denim dress with tights and trainers. Her knitted scarf is perfect for February’s in-between weather, and we have some serious cardi-envy!

Chris, International Business, Masters

Chris oozes sophistication in his shearling suede jacket with perfectly matching boots. His indigo skinnies work perfectly with the smart checked shirt. Chris definitely looks like a guy who has his life together- there’s no doubt he makes it to more lectures than we do.

Sophie, Marketing, Third Year

Sophie’s outfit is so well thought-out, she looks like she’s walked straight out of a fashion advert. Her dark dungarees work perfectly with her grey top, and her bold leopard print coat is the perfect statement piece to accompany an otherwise muted look.

Christie, Criminology, Third Year

Christie’s burgundy pinafore is preppy and on trend, and her black polo-neck tops of this cosy, February-proof look. Her baby pink bomber is this semesters must-have coat, and we love her minimal approach to this season’s key trends.

Harvey, Psychology, First Year

Harvey’s tribal print tee has us dreaming of summer: a time of no deadlines, copious amounts of alcohol and, most importantly, sun. His vintage-style black Nikes work perfectly with his dark skinny jeans.

Charlotte, History, Second Year

Charlotte’s look is classy and well styled. Her peep-toe Leopard print shoes stand out as her statement piece, co-coordinating perfectly with her floral embroidered leather bag and crisp white frilled shirt that has us dreaming of warmer climates. If there was a definition of library chic, this is it.