What to wear for every type of Valentine’s date in Liverpool

We’ve got you covered

We’re swiftly approaching that one day of the year that has the power to show you how single you truly are. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s actually secured a date, ensure the big V day is a success by making sure your dress codes are up to scratch. Whether it’s a night in in your pyjamas watching Bridget Jones with the gals or on a hot date, make sure you’re dressed to impress.

Let’s get a drink

One of the most common dates students go on is the simple, drink. Or four. From a classy glass of Cabernet on Lark Lane to a row of tequila shots in Cava, everyone knows on Valentine’s day you’re either downing the drinks or serving them. As much as this sounds like an easy-going night out, a lot of thought goes into the perfect outfit. After three hours of FaceTime with your best mate in Nottingham, a fashion show with your flatmates, and a total outpour of your wardrobe and emotions, you finally decide on the never-failing jeans and a nice top. As vague as that sounds, girls will know what we’re on about.

Fancy a walk down the docks?

Another casual invitation is the ‘let’s go for a cute romantic walk’, which sounds like a blast but is a nightmare to outfit plan, especially in Liverpool at this time of year. Walking for any prolonged period of time without copious amounts of alcohol means heels are off the table, and to avoid your new bae witnessing your embarrassingly runny nose wear a cozy coat, cute scarf and even a hat if you can trust your hair to survive.

cold scarf winter

Course-mate date

If you are cute enough to have arranged a VD date with a course-mate then it’s a good idea to find something course related to do to kickstart the convo and give you both some common ground.  This try something simple like the Liverpool World Museum or the Tate to show how cultured you are. To give off an air of sophistication, go for a  Zara-esque shirt-jumper look and tailored pants, ensuring your intelligent, confident self has its time to shine.

Let’s grab something to eat

If things are pretty serious between you and your S/O, eating in front of one another becomes less of an awkward situation, meaning a chill date would be taking a stroll up to Liverpool One to browse the restaurants. Usually, a meal means getting a little dressed up, meaning you can whip out that sexy little black dress and match it with a statement pair of heels. Of course you have to partner it with the red lippy, which immediately shouts Valentine’s but doesn’t look too overbearing.

I didn’t get a date but I don’t care. Honestly, I DON’T.

Okay, so not everyone is lucky enough to get a date. Most of us won’t. Who cares? You and your other single flatmates will celebrate the big VD in your own way, whether that means contemplating single life with Renee Zellweger, or drinking every time we hear the word ‘love’ on Radio One. Comfy pjs and comfort food are a winning combo here, with no one to impress but yourself. No heels that make you want to chop your own feet off, or make up so thick you can hardly feel your skin under means that you are in for the perfect night. Cozy.