Plans to build 200 flats could ruin 24 Kitchen Street

The venue has tried to fight the proposal

Songbird property developers has applied for planning permission to build two blocks of flats in the Baltic Triangle, on land between Blundell Street, Kitchen Street and Simpson Street.

24 Kitchen Street sits very close to where the flats could be built, and the owners of the venue are desperately trying to stop the plans go through, posting on Facebook that the plans are a “looming disaster”.

A report from planning officers to councillors says that the venue, which has an outdoor courtyard used as a smoking area, has put forward a “strong objection” to Songbird’s scheme.


[Photo Credit: Louis Bever]

The report reads: “They believe that the proposed introduction of a major new housing development in this location is not appropriate or compatible with their existing nightclub.

“There is a serious risk that allowing such a development would lead to undesirable noise impacts on future residents, ultimately leading to complaints and pressure to curtail or control 24 Kitchen Street’s legitimate business activities.”

The owners of the venue say that it is up to the planners and developers to ensure the new buildings will have measures that stop noise from the venue affecting the potential new residents, also suggesting that if the flats get the go-ahead, this will be under the condition that residents will not be able to complain about noise from the club.

24 Kitchen Street told the council that the developer’s noise assessment ““Contains many flaws, including the fact that it does not consider the rooftop garden area and sound readings in the street were not taken when the venue closes and people leaving the venue create perhaps the most significant level of noise.”

[Photo credit: Samantha Milligan Photography]

They continued in a post on Facebook:

“Our concerns are not from noise breakout to do with music (which we’ve insulated), but from people entering and leaving, and the outdoor smoking area. As by law, the developer conducted a noise survey of the area but with numerous inaccuracies (for instance stating our smoking area has to shut at 10pm). As a result, we don’t believe they’re development will be adequately insulated. Our objections have been put on record, yet looks like they’re going to be dismissed at the hearing this coming Tuesday.

“Planning guidance clearly states that “The potential effect of a new residential development being located close to an existing business that gives rise to noise should be carefully considered… to help avoid such instances, appropriate mitigation should be considered, including optimising the sound insulation provided by the new developments building envelope.” However, we don’t believe that our concerns are being taken seriously, it feels like the decision was made weeks ago and everythings just getting pushed through no matter what…

“We’ve only been going 3 years, and we want to be here for atleast another 3 +, anyone with any ideas on how to help would be greatly appreciated”


The planners’ report disagrees with the issues that 24 Kitchen Street raised, saying:

“The Interim Head of Planning is satisfied that the proposed use would not unduly affect the operation of 24 Kitchen Street or other nearby entertainment uses.

“Furthermore, he considers that the offer of circa 500 sqm of commercial – including 160sqm of workspace – to be a positive attribute of the scheme which ties in well with the council’s aspirations to promote job creating uses within the Baltic area.”