The chairs in South Campus Teaching Hub are the best thing about seminars

You know the ones

amazing beautiful chairs liverpool SCTH Seminar spinny tutorial

Picture this: it’s a Monday morning, you’re nursing a three day hangover from your Big One on Friday in Heebies, you’ve not consumed fruit or veg in days. Alas, you’ve not done your seminar work. You already know your lecturer is going to call upon you to discuss Post Colonial African Cinema and you just don’t think you can hack it.

All of a sudden, you remember where the seminar is. The one and only South Campus Teaching Hub. You rejoice. The chairs. The wonderful, spinning chairs.

With a spring in your step you head in to uni dreaming about the fun you’re about to have for the next fifty minutes, nothing can bring you down now, not even looming deadlines that you won’t meet because all your seminar energy goes in to trying to not spin like a maniac.

You walk in, your eyes meet those of your course mates – you all know this was worth waking up for. You sit in silence waiting for your lecturer, gently swaying from side to side, enjoying the soothing nature of the chairs.

Pure joy

It’s not just the fact that they move, however.  Another great thing about these chairs is that little shelf they have underneath. No matter how much stuff you’ve brought with you: bags, books, lunch, a dog, even a small child, it all fits snugly under the seat. No chance of anyone tripping over it, it’s all just perfectly placed neatly beneath you.

Any other building, be it Cypress or the humble Rendall, does not compare. Once you go SCTH, you just don’t go back. All other seminar rooms pale into insignificance.  If this is where my £9,000 a year is going, then I’m happy. Take all of my money, Liverpool. All of it.

How easy would it be to sneak one out? You could get it to the Georgian Quarter easily, right? Your landlord never gave you a desk chair.