The Guild is holding trials for University Challenge and you could be on the team

Could you be the next Bretherton?

The Guild is holding trials to find new members for UoL’s University Challenge team and anyone can enter. It’s your chance to be quizzed by Paxman and made to feel like you shouldn’t have got into primary school, let alone university.

The deadline for the trial is the 31st of October so make sure to get your applications in because you could be a part of Liverpool’s team who beat Newcastle in the quarter finals last February.

Previous members of this team have been praised for both their looks and their brains, such as Bretherton, the medic who stole everyone’s hearts in last years challenge, and you could be up there with the University Challenge legends. Whether it’s for the beauty or the brains, there might be place in this team for a new UoL star to be born.


Ciaran, who does History and Politics, says “In order to deal with us being shite at University Challenge, I need there to be a hot man. Give me a fittie.”

Lucy, a third year English and Politics student, shares his sentiment. “I only watch University Challenge for the men. If there isn’t then I’ll have to go back to drooling over Paxman”



To arrange a trial for the show, all you have to do is email Samantha Harding at [email protected]