Photos of live mice in L1’s Red Hot World Buffet have surfaced

Inspectors found an infestation of live mice in the kitchen

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Red Hot World Buffet in Liverpool One shopping centre has been fined £14,000 for a mice-infestation, after photos of mice stuck on sticky traps were shown in Liverpool Magistrates’ Court. The restaurant was also ordered to pay £7,816  after admitting a breach of health and safety regulations.

Photos: Liverpool City Council

Mice were found caught on sticky traps still alive and struggling. Mouse droppings and grease were found next to food containers and near fridges all across the restaurant and more mice droppings were even reported to be found in the head chef’s office.

The owners, Passepartouts Ltd, have pleaded guilty to 10 counts at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court after environmental health officers visited the restaurant twice last year. The restaurant closed in June and the owners are now in administration.

Alex, Law student, told the Tab:

“I had my birthday meal there last year, I can’t believe they had mice running round the kitchen while cooking! It makes me feel sick that I ate that food.”

Other photos shown in court included the below: