Man screams abuse at clubbers outside Superstar Boudoir

Video footage shows a man threatening the queer community in Liverpool

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On Friday night, an unnamed middle-aged man was filmed shouting homophobic abuse at bouncers and clubbers outside Superstar Boudoir. 

The man tried to get into Superstar Boudoir, but was not allowed entry while wearing a hat.

He responded by arguing with the bouncers, and proceeded to shout homophobic abuse at them and at clubbers outside.

In the first video (below) he can be heard saying: “I’m so fucking liberal, so fucking liberal aren’t you, well you can’t wear a fucking hat. Fuck you up the arse you fucking faggot.”

Bouncers attempted to send him away, but because he was attacking then with verbal abuse, the bouncers did not physically retaliate.

He did not target any clubber directly, but screamed homophobic slurs at those stood outside.

LGBT+ society was on a social at Superstar that night, and many of the clubbers who witnessed the incident were new members.

Charlie Smith*, a witness from LGBT+ society, and a second year student said: “Although it was an awful incident, many people around were laughing at the man.

“If the man had lashed out physically or targeted anyone personally, I felt safe because of the concern and protection of club bouncers, and amongst other LGBT+ people I felt part of an inclusive community.

“It was clear how alone this man was in his bigoted opinions and that is what made his attack so laughable.”

The aggressive incident coincides with the celebration of LGBT+ History Month this February.


*Name changed to protect the identity of the student