Liverpool crowned 4th most visited city in the UK for second year running

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Everyone who lives in Liverpool knows how great it is. But recent stats from prove that everyone else in the world also agrees, because who wouldn’t?

Liverpool was recognised as the fourth most visited city in the UK for overseas travellers in 2015, ranking six places above Oxford and nine above Cambridge, maintaining their spot for the second year running.

Classic Liverpool

Aside from it just being an all-round awesome city, the consistently high numbers of tourists choosing to visit Liverpool can be largely put down to it attaining the European Capital of Culture award in 2008, once more beating other major UK cities such as Cambridge and Manchester to the prize.

We also won Friendliest City of the UK and were stated one of the safest British cities in 2015. Is there anything we can’t do?

Who doesn’t like The Beatles?

Annabella Greer, a student studying in South Korea, was one of the many tourists who paid a visit to Liverpool last year, she said: “In my opinion, Liverpool is much better than London.

“The people are all really nice, it’s not too crowded, and there’s just so much history; it’s underrated.”

With its dense history demonstrated at the docks, its homing of two cathedrals and a network of Beatles hotspots, it’s unsurprising that Liverpool is so popular.

Its mix of museums and a boss nightlife makes it the perfect city for everyone, and with The Raz around, they’re sure to return.

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