Liverpool is the best city in the UK, and it’s the people who make it

‘We’re not English, we’re Scouse.’

Liverpool named 3rd most inspiring city in the UK

We’re 24th in the world, beating Venice, New York and London

The SJ is a PokémonGo Gym

Good luck with revising in there now

Liverpool Giants set to return to the city

Liverpool city’s mayor has revealed that the giants are set to return in 2018.

Hillsborough Jury Verdict: Victims were unlawfully killed

The Jury had to decide about possible police blame and other factors in the April 1989 crush

Norwich is the glorious underdog of the UK

Admit it, we all want to take on the legacy of puppet man as the pride of Norwich

Liverpool crowned 4th most visited city in the UK for second year running

Go on la’

Stop complaining about Liverpool: You could live in a rural village

Some don’t even have cash machines

Legendary Liverpool crowned fourth most friendly city in the world

Even more popular than Manc

‘My confidence has hit an all time low’: Fresher suffers homosexual abuse on night out

He was grabbed by the neck and called a ‘faggot’

I don’t need any other night now I’ve discovered Itchy Feet

Shake that tail-feather