In photos: Rugby lads dressed each other for the night

They raised £800 for charity

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On Wednesday night the uni rugby union boys held their infamous charity shop roulette.

Each member of the team bought an outfit from a charity shop for another member at random  with a minimum spend of £10 each. There were no limits as to what the boys could pick out for their unsuspecting other and adjustments to the costumes could be made at home.

Outfits included a sexy miss-santa outfit, leopard cat suits, sparkly dresses and a dog muzzle.

They had a record turnout of  80 people getting involved and as a result the lads raised a whopping £800 for local charity shops.

Social Sec Hugh Jeffery spoke the The Tab about the night: “At predrinks we got the freshers to do a cat walk or in case of the fresher with a dog muzzle, a dog walk.

“We got into town looking horrendous, but it was all in the name of charity and everyone had a great night.”