Cydney Yeates

Exclusive: Pupils at Emma Watson’s school weren’t allowed to approach her

They could get a detention if they did

In pictures: a far-right group are rallying at St Georges Hall

They are shouting “EDL”

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Can someone lend me a cig?

Vice Chancellor launches formal investigation into the Guild

Just when you thought everything had mellowed out

What pre drinks is your halls?

Gin and Tonic at Vine Court? You vote Tory and wear GB underpants.

Merseyside is the stalking capital of the UK

The worst four areas for this type of crime were found in areas of Liverpool

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Selfless third year is putting on a huge charity club night this Thursday

She’s raising money for St Anne’s Homes in South Africa AND Amnesty International

The Guild have axed the Medics society

LMSS has been dropped due to a ‘number of negative reports’

Uni WiFi is down after cyber attack

Leeds, JMU, Norwich and Manchester have also been affected

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They raised £800 for charity

Why Smithdown is the greatest shithole on earth

Big up

Uni will be putting summer exams in Carnatic

Oh no they didn’t

Third year selling photographs to raise money for French charity in the wake of Friday’s attacks

He’s selling photo’s that capture the beauty of Paris

You’re lying if you say you don’t want to live in town

It’s cheaper than people make out

Nearly £10,000 of unused printing credits were left by grads

Think of all that ink

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Not a sexy cat in sight

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House every Monday

Kenny student house ransacked at gunpoint

They broke down the door and demanded cash

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