What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?

‘I fancy him a bit’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn graced us with his presence on Thursday for a talk in association with Liverpool Labour students. But what do you really think of him?

Niall Obrien, Classical Studies

IMG_20151106_151020“I think he’s cool, compared to ghouls like David Cameron, he seems like a person rather than a robot monster puppet.  I can’t say much about his politics, I’m quite apolitical but I definitely agree with his nuclear arms policy. Even if a nuclear bomb was dropped on England, you still wouldn’t want another city destroyed. They say it’s supposed to be a deterrent, but it’s ultimately about revenge.”

Sophie Currah, first year Politics

IMG_20151106_141526“I’m not so keen on him, some of his ideas are a bit unrealistic. His opposition to private school and wanting to get rid of their charitable status, I don’t see how that would benefit anyone. I also disagree with him on Trident, I think we need that kind of deterrent.”

Jason Wedlock, second year Politics

IMG_20151106_134851“It’s really good such a high profile guy has come to the University. I’m pro Labour, so I’m obviously a bit biased. But when I heard he wanted to reduce funding for the army it brought down my opinion of him. I fancy him a bit, he’s got a bit of a look about him. It’s the beard and the power.”

Tor Smith, second year Egyptology and Archaeology

IMG_20151106_135830“I thought his speech was really good. He covered a lot of important issues. It was quite short, but what can you expect. I thought it was great he brought up the immigration crisis, and about the redistribution of constituency lines because not many people know about that. I fancy him as Prime Minister, but not in the relationship sense. I’m quite happy with what I’ve got.”

Clementine Kellaway, third year Politics

IMG_20151106_134159“His speech was very inspiring. I especially agreed with his point students are very political, but they don’t have a forum to express it. I don’t fancy him but I think he’s an excellent public speaker.”

Joseph Howe, second year History and Politics

20151106_165402_resized“I do not like Jeremy Corbyn although I wanted to go to his talk yesterday since he could, potentially, be the next Prime Minister – yikes. I don’t like him at all, he seems like a fantasist and I am not a fan of his policies regarding scrapping the student fees. They are just ludicrous, ridiculous. He’s not fit at all, he looks like an old librarian.”

Izzy Hocking, third year Vet


Izzy actually organised Jeremy Corbyn’s talk

“My favourite highlight was the end, when he was talking as a ‘we’ instead of and ‘I’ and showing that we can all do this together. I like his ideas of getting rid of tuition fees. It is unfair at the moment, and of course the immigration policies he supports regarding the refugee problems seem more human. I don’t think he is attractive but that’s the whole point. Churchill wasn’t fit but he did a great job.”

Clinton Yeh, first year Economics

20151106_171037_resized“I think it would be nice to see Jeremy as a new Prime Minister, it would be good for the democracy and also a nice change. I think the Labour party needs to become more creative as it doesn’t give enough support at the general public.”

Sarah Boden, second year Vet

“I found his talk compelling, he’s such a nice man. My favourite part was when he started making the helicopter noises but in general I liked the way he handled students’ enthusiasm and got well into it. I agree with a lot of his policies but some of them sound like the 70s and especially the industry ones. I have seen better silver foxes than Jeremy but for his age he looks good and I was surprised when I found out his age.”

Will Shears, second year History

“I really liked the part where he talked about the immigration policies. I agree with some of his ideas but I think there must be some private health and that’s where I disagree. I don’t want to see him as the next prime minister because it wouldn’t work, he doesn’t seem like a guy with much power. He’s definitely not fit, not whatsoever.”