Zoi Milia

Zoi Milia
Liverpool University


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Do you feel safe in Smithdown?

‘I got attacked while I tried to stop someone from stealing a car’

What’s your WhatsApp group name?

‘Febreze boiz’

Harry Potter prequel set to be filmed in Liverpool

Lime St. still won’t have a Platform 9 ¾ though

What do you think of the new 5p plastic bags?

‘Just AWFUL’

Library legends giving out free books tomorrow

Long live the SJ and HC

Modo bouncer stabbed in neck

He is still in hospital

Admit it, you hate your housemates don’t you?

First you loved them, then it was love hate, and now you just hate them

The best places to chill in the sun

Sun’s out guns out

Boozy Guild throwing an almighty beer festival this weekend

Who’s up for getting bevied?

‘Run for the 96’ in pictures

The atmosphere was incredible

This is what the eclipse looked like

It looked the same, wherever you were

The worst situations to find yourself during a fire alarm


Look at how much fun you had on results night at The Cellar

Can you spot yourself?

‘My confidence has hit an all time low’: Fresher suffers homosexual abuse on night out

He was grabbed by the neck and called a ‘faggot’

You can now stay in the libraries all day, everyday

Brace yourselves

The definitive concert square low down

Shats shats shats shats

The Guild’s first club night is a huge success

Guild’s done good

The roof in the Sherrington building has collapsed

Hooray no lectures