Second year harrased outside Smithdown Tesco

The man said ‘I’ll fucking kill you’ before following her

A second year was harassed and threatened outside Tesco on the corner of Greenbank Road last night.

The girl was leaving the shop when a man began shouting at her.


She told us: “It was terrifying. He was standing at the bollard by the door and I tried to go around him, and then he was like ‘Watch where you’re fucking going!

“I wasn’t in the way of him at all – I thought there was something on the floor I might have missed as I was in a world of my own. Then I stepped back when I heard him and there was nothing on the floor, so I just dismissed it and carried on walking.  Again he said, ‘watch where you’re fucking going!’

“He then aggressively thrusted his chest towards me to scare me, and started shouting, ‘I’ll fucking kill you, I’ll fucking kill you!’

“I thought, ‘what the fuck?’ and started to walk away and I looked behind me and he had started walking after me and I was just thinking, what the hell am I supposed to do? I went a completely long way home.12178253_10153117152331109_50199561_n

“I don’t think he followed me for very long. He must’ve got bored, but I still walked quite a long way home because I was terrified. What was I supposed to do?

“I was honestly so scared.”

She reported the man was wearing a tracksuit, between 20 and 30 years old, caucasian and had a brown beard.

This incident comes after another Smithdown scare where students’ doors were knocked on by fake lettings agents.