Liverpool bags 15th spot in national rankings

Soon we’ll be top ten

Best Global Universities global liverpool top uni

According to Best Global Universities, Liverpool has been placed 15th in the United Kingdom

We came in at a solid 61st place in the Best Global Universities in Europe category, coming ahead of Durham and the University of Cologne in Germany.

In the Best Global Universities category, we came in at a rather admirable place of 155th, beating both University of Nottingham and Queen Mary’s, London.

go liverpool

Third year student James is pleased with the results. The Architecture Student told The Tab: “I feel very proud to be a student at one of the UK’s top 15 universities.

“It’s also great to see all the positive changes that the university are making which in turn positively contributes to both our education and lives in this wonderful city.”

Pharmacology Student Rob was also happy with the score, he said: “I’m impressed that it made it that high considering no one has turned up my workshop to teach us what to do.”

Sky’s the limit, Liverpool.