Meet the SU candidates fighting for your vote

Alex Ferguson shaves his legs

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Voting for the next Guild President opens Monday 16 March and the winner will be crowned on the Friday. With some candidates running for the second consecutive year, including the current President, who will take the lead?

Alex Bjerkholt – For a better Guild

Manifesto summary:

• Bring the Guild and students closer together

• Remove bureaucratic barriers affecting societies

• Push for innovation and implementation of new technology

Fun fact: “I used to work as a Divemaster in Canary Islands, Spain.”

Alex Ferguson – Managing your Guild to the top

Manifesto summary:

• Continue my work on Nightline and improve welfare in the Guild through student-led activities

• Improve employability of graduates through providing experience now

• Set up a tenant’s union to protect students against dodgy landlords, increase representation and improve communication to students

Fun fact: “I shave my legs for cycling.”

Becky Garnault – Be active, be heard, be the change

Manifesto summary: 

• Prioritise representation of our student population

• SRO’s presence felt on campus

• Encourage activism

Fun fact: “I’ve inadvertently started to collect Baby Oleg toys from compare the”

Photographic evidence

Emma Sims – #TheSims2

Manifesto summary:

• Get what you pay for

• You’ll have the best education

• You can get the most out of your time at Liverpool

Fun fact: “I sing in a band called Seafaring Creatures.”

Fredrikke Wongraven

Manifesto summary:

• Make the University a better place for foreign students

Fun fact: “I really fancy redheads, it is one of the reasons I moved to the UK.”

Grace Edwards – Vote for a student voice, vote Grace

Manifesto summary:

• To create a more representative Guild by introducing officers that are representative of our diverse student population, and in turn create a more politically active student body

• To introduce a bike scheme whereby all students would be entitled to a free bike for the academic year

• To tighten Liverpool Student Homes housing regulations in order to prevent burglaries and hold landlords accountable

Fun fact: “I had a disco themed party and wore vintage 1970s roller skates for four hours, until I fell over – and I have the scar to prove it.”


Harry Anderson – Re-elect Harry Anderson as Guild President

Manifesto summary:

• Ensuring Lecture Capture, the project allowing lectures to be recorded to Vital, is fully implemented

• To increase the Guild’s block grant from the University

• To work at improving graduate employability

Fun fact: “One of my favourite drinks is the cheap whisky they sell in Aldi, called Clarke’s Kentucky.”

Jack Stanley – Change for LGOS

Manifesto summary:

• Introduce a Lecturer’s Charter

• Overhaul the financial restrictions on societies

• Promote open and vibrant debate on political and social justice issues

Fun fact: “I once spoke to Brendan Rogers on transfer deadline day back when he was managing Reading.”

Rosie O’Donnell – A guild that serves all students  and supports independent businesses

Manifesto summary:

• Represent sports clubs, improve sports interaction with the Guild and lobby for more funding

• Support ALL societies

• Create a partnership with Independent Liverpool

Fun fact: “My favourite emoji is this one:”


Will Harding – Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

Manifesto summary:

  • Further Support University Societies & Improve UoL’s Relationship with other Universities
  • Introduce a New Learning Bursary
  • LGOS Loyalty Card

Fun fact: “I can read and write Egyptian Hieroglyphs (badly), and I play bass in a band lucky enough to have supported Lower Than Atlantis, and have music on Spotify!”