Katriana J Ciccotto
Editor, The Tab Liverpool

Nutty second year banished to Carnatic after being kicked out of Vine Court

Carnatic is way better anyway

Rags to riches: The new Revs in town has the best cocktails in Liverpool

A must-visit before you leave

Liverpool: Our City, how we know it

And here are some gorgeous pics to prove it

There shouldn’t be a stigma around pole fitness anymore

So why is there?

Randomer gives the cutest Staffy to second year for free

‘He’s kind of like my best friend’

It must be pathetic fallacy: 26 degree heatwave due after exams

The sun has got his hat on

Our reign is up: John Moores voted better than us in uni rankings


Let down: We’re not getting our new laptops until June


Group A: BNOC of the Year nominations

Here we go

This second year is running to be a Lib Dem MP


Don’t know who to vote for? Meet the parliamentary candidates vying for Wavertree and Riverside

This is the real deal

Third year speaks out about his crippling Valium addiction

‘You don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late’

Cyclist knocked down near Vine Court

Paramedics are currently on the scene

‘We are the realist’: Legend Natalie Bennett says she’ll pay off all student debt

She was spotted on Smithdown Road earlier today

Local candidates grilled on tuition fees and feminism

The bloke from UKIP Wavertree was a no show

Send us your BNOC of the Year nominations

Who is the biggest name on campus this year?

We’re the biggest Labour lovers in the country

Half of us are rooting for Ed in the election

We’re hosting this year’s Christie Cup, and we’re going to smash it


The Guild are ACTUALLY giving away £10 free printing credit

No, seriously this time

The Guild are giving away £10 free printing credit for every undergrad

Update: Check the date

Harry Anderson is our Guild President, again

The Guild have officially announced the new Student Officers

Uber are coming to Liverpool, and they’re trying to kill Delta

And we’ll have to wait seven weeks for it

Emergency services found man collapsed in City Centre flat

He was brought out on a wheelchair and sent to hospital

I went to a fortune teller and it was an absolute rip-off

She had hair like Gareth Gates

Meet the SU candidates fighting for your vote

Alex Ferguson shaves his legs

Guild to host FemJam in celebration of International Women’s Day

There’s cake

Rugby league lady lumps raise thousands for charity

Hot damn

Tab tries: Pole dancing

It really hurts

Guild hits out after Uni implies they were consulted over price rise in halls

They’re not happy

New pole dancing society begins this week

Baby lotion is banned

Armed officers, police horses and a helicopter: There’s been another incident off Smithdown

It’s kicking off again

More disruption to lectures as collapsed Sherrington roof still not repaired

It’s still broken

£90 million to be splurged on new Greenbank student village

Bye bye Carnatic

Smithdown spot crowned best breakfast gaff in UK

The dish doesn’t include hash-browns though…

There’s way too much student accommodation in the city

And it’s really pissing off locals

On a roll: These second years haven’t bought toilet paper for an entire semester

No drip dry here

Victory for Liverpool as we head to quarter finals of University Challenge

We pulled it out of the bag

How to pull a medic

We all know they’re in it for the money

‘Everyone needs to leave now’: Students shooed out of library because of false fire alarm

20 mins standing in the blizzard all for a ‘structured evacuation’

A day in the life at no. 93: Freshers set to move into Lennon’s old Smithdown gaff

So John Lennon lived in Smithdown

A dildo shaped like a fist and Sky Sports on in a strip club: An adult guide to Liverpool

It was an eye opener

What your room says about you

Your boudoir isn’t edgy or cool, it’s just another stereotype

Lunatic runs loose on Langdale in another suspected robbery

The crimewave on Langdale Road continues

Here’s what you had to say about the MedSoc Vs Guild drama…

Some of you hated it, others loved it. Some didn’t give a shit

The most eligible bachelors of Liverpool

Single and ready to keep you warm in winter

Medics in trouble with uni for ‘James Bondage in Hymens aren’t forever’ musical

Everyday Sexism’s Laura Bates condemns ‘misogynistic rape jokes’

‘I see an old Victorian woman standing at the end of my bed’: Tales of the Toxteth cemetery house

You know the one we mean

‘They make me feel physically and mentally sick’: fresher plagued by button phobia

You think your life is tough? Imagine not being able to do up that top button like all the other indie kids

£10,000 of goods stolen from Salisbury road: Smithdown thugs strike again

Laptops, ipods, tablets, speakers and a CAR this time

‘We saved over fifty quid forging fresher wristbands’: savvy students snuck into Guild ball

Fraudsters scam guild of nearly £400 in genius plan to create knock-off bands

Here’s some endearing advice from the parents of this year’s freshers

“Text me every night after tea”

Poo floods, ketty cats and offers of ‘sexual therapy’: The UK’s worst flatmates

Thought that loud shagger next door was bad? Think again. Here’s the worst hall inhabitants from around the country

So it’s Willy’s 450th birthday today: To care or not to care?

“When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools”

Liverpool students design bike that looks like a dildo

Bizarre looking mega bike set to smash world records

The sun’s out and you look foolish: It’s time to bin the beanie

Originally designed to protect our heads from intensely cold weather, the beanie is now being misappropriated by try-hard losers with dodgy lids

Why everyone should date a Scouser

Those brows