Katriana J Ciccotto
Editor, The Tab Liverpool

Nutty second year banished to Carnatic after being kicked out of Vine Court

Carnatic is way better anyway

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Randomer gives the cutest Staffy to second year for free

‘He’s kind of like my best friend’

It must be pathetic fallacy: 26 degree heatwave due after exams

The sun has got his hat on

Our reign is up: John Moores voted better than us in uni rankings


Let down: We’re not getting our new laptops until June


Group A: BNOC of the Year nominations

Here we go

This second year is running to be a Lib Dem MP


Don’t know who to vote for? Meet the parliamentary candidates vying for Wavertree and Riverside

This is the real deal

Third year speaks out about his crippling Valium addiction

‘You don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late’

Cyclist knocked down near Vine Court

Paramedics are currently on the scene

‘We are the realist’: Legend Natalie Bennett says she’ll pay off all student debt

She was spotted on Smithdown Road earlier today

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Half of us are rooting for Ed in the election

We’re hosting this year’s Christie Cup, and we’re going to smash it


The Guild are ACTUALLY giving away £10 free printing credit

No, seriously this time

The Guild are giving away £10 free printing credit for every undergrad

Update: Check the date