Dating Guide: Third year

Stay classy

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So, you’ve grown out of your slutty first year phase and moved on from being a sassy second year.

Now you’re in your last year at uni. The only physical intimacy you experience is from using your mouse and keyboard writing your dissertation.

But here’s some advice for you third years… be classy.

Everyone sort of shits themselves as the end of their degree nears, especially if you’ve nothing to show for it in terms of a relationship apart from a string of one night stands and a messy fuck-buddy-gone-tits-up situation.

A classic classy couple

The daunting notion we have to actually face up to the reality of life now, become a fully functioning adult with real responsibilities, makes the previous two years of playing the field seem a bit immature.

Wedding bells can be heard for those who survived the long distance job (hats off to you, seriously), and the university romances remaining may start to contemplate their future ahead without living two minutes away from one another.

Shit gets real basically.

Third year taken lady Tina told us about life in a long distance relationship.

She said: “I never thought I’d be in a long distance relationship. I loved being single at uni.

“If it’s worth it then it really isn’t that difficult, but you are sacrificing a lot of potential pulls.”

Pucker up boyz

Well said girl. Single-to-relationship student best of both worlds?

With the major obstacle of actually having to sell your soul to the dissertation devil in third year, dating can sometimes take a back seat.

Third year singleton Elizabeth explains the difficulties for a third year student in the big world of dating.

“It’s all about the classy wining and dining.

“Most third years might argue it’s work over a relationship, finding the time to date someone with the never ending deadlines might prove challenging.”

Swap those one night stands with classy dinners out

That classy balance of “work hard and playing on occasion for dinner and drinks” (not quite the same ring, apologies Wizzy K) is the aim for third year dating it seems.

Million dollar question is, which year is the best for the dating fiend that is the student?

There’s only one way to find out…