Blantyre Road’s bog needs a blind

Tired of being the butt of their jokes

blantyre road peeping tom poo shit smithdown

Ever sit on the loo and wonder if there’s somebody watching? Well for these guys, there is.

Students sent an appeal to The Tab in the hope that their unawares neighbours by Smithdown might see this.

“I first noticed the bathroom activities in October and I feel that student living hasn’t helped their diets as they all seem to take a long time on the toilet.

“I saw a guy wipe his bum then look at the tissue he’d used to wipe himself with.

“Quite often I see them all sit there for ages on their phones, up to an hour a couple of times,” the concerned onlooker told us.

“I think it’s hilarious but if I was in their situation i’d be so embarrassed because it’s not just obvious from our bedrooms, but you can see it from the street too. They’re completely oblivious.”

She informed us that it is a mixed house and the boys take longer than the girls.

It has become something of a spectator sport for these bored residents.

“There’s been a couple of weird things I’ve witnessed – not that I sit at my window and watch – it’s just hard not to look when it’s the only thing I can see out of my window,” she explained.

“I saw one guy have a wank over the toilet or he was giving himself a very thorough shake”

“I’m not sure what was happening when there was 2 of them in the bathroom… In clubs it’s normal to share a cubicle with others so you can have a good bitch, but in our house we tend to go in one at a time. And the picture does look pretty suspicious.”

The eight girls that have lived behind this house have seen nothing like it in the two years at their digs and felt it was their duty to say something.

“I’ve posted a few messages on Facebook hoping that someone would know the people who lived there, but nothing’s come of it.

“If they’re reading I’m really sorry…. but I didn’t know what house you lived at and I didn’t want to walk down the street knocking on every door!

“Also, please please get a curtain. You’re spoiling my view and people can definitely see into your bathroom from the street.”

“Pretty much everyone in our house can see into the toilet from our bedrooms and they all think it’s hilarious, although it’s been happening for so long now that I barely even notice it anymore.”


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