What do the locals think of us students?

We’re alright, aren’t we?

liverpool locals scousers Smithdown Road students

It is fair to say that Smithdown Road is absolutely awash with students and it is often easy to forget that regular human beings reside here too.

Curious to learn more of the non-student species and their views on us, we took to the streets armed with a clip-board and pen.

Unfortunately, many of them were incapable of using those pens or embarrassed about their writing, so asked us to.

The results of our investigation can be found below…

‘Students can be okay. But when they have parties they keep us all awake’.

This lovely woman can be found in a charity shop. She was generally positive towards the student community however is upset by the sleep they have deprived her of. Come on guys, not cool.

‘Some of them can be a fucking nightmare’.

This woman was keen to express her disgust towards the male student who recently took a piss on her front doorstep in a mankini. We hear her, there is a time and a place. Clean up your act unnamed brute – she’s in the laundrette when you’re ready to apologise.

‘They liven up Liverpool’.

Standard. Thanks man.

‘They never get rounds, always pay individual.’

This Willow Bank Tavern staff member is sick of us awkward students and our misplaced individualism. Do the woman a favour and get the rounds in.

‘They bring good vibez.’

This friendly Brookhouse-goer had “a wealth” of positive stuff to say about diverse students and their contribution to society however our clipboard only has room for soundbites, unfortunately.

Look out for him – he’s a good bloke.

‘They will always pay by credit card for one pint’

This woman may be wearing a glorious smile, however our attachment to our debit cards has not gone down particularly well. Come on guys, cash machines are a stone’s throw away.

“Why spoil my fun?” – response of students to being asked to get off the tables.


‘Sound as a pound’.

Short but sweet. The furniture men on Smithdown Road dig students, find them catching some rays on their sofas in the sunshine.

‘If it wasn’t for students we wouldn’t have a job.’

Deep. We may piss in public but we also pay bills.

‘There is nothing wrong with students. They are young, fun and having to work hard to study.’


‘I live near Garmoyle Road. It can be a mixed bag… but there can be sick on the road.’

This gentleman has been a resident of Wavertree for decades and has seen it all – the good, the bad and the very ugly.

‘Brings more people to the city.’

This ASDA shopper may have been waiting on a taxi but he didn’t mind taking time out to give his views on the advantages of having students nearby. Top man.

‘Noisy. Always emptying wheely bins.’

Students did not receive the kindest reviews within the four walls of Frank’s. One reporter was asked to leave the premises “girly” and another man said “if two students were in here I would shoot them”. What a joker.

‘They are brilliant. We have good banter with them. If they come in for a cut with a hat on you know they’ve had a bad one.’

Topz salon were more than happy to sing our praises. They also offer a mean short, back and sides.

‘A few nutters but generally alright.’

Probably about right. The Brookie Barmaid sees all.

‘Skint, annoying alcos.’

This guy is a glass half-empty kinda guy.

‘Do my head in.’

Charming, Tesco man.