Magnet turns itself into a comedy club in an attempt to revive its dwindling reputation

Because clearly being a nightclub isn’t working

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In the latest edition of The Magnet chronicle, the club has turned itself into a comedy venue- although the biggest joke is the never ending saga itself.

The Liverpool Comedy Cellar is the city’s newest comedy venue, located on the famous bottom floor of The Magnet club.

Local comedian Brendan Reiley is the promoter behind the Saturday night venue and is keen to welcome people of all ages to get involved in writing the next chapter of the club’s long cultural history.

Local comedian Brendan Riley has taken on the challenge.

Brendan said: “We really want a broad audience – we have no agenda. The other night I was ripping into a 19-year-old on the front row and older people at the back were laughing. That’s the kind of vibe we want.”

Prior to this latest reincarnation the status of the venue had been subject to plenty of rumours, with stories of takeovers and re-openings doing the rounds on more than one occasion.

Now, the Hardman Street hot-spot is back, offering stand-up comedy as well as continuing its proud tradition of live music.

Comedian Peter White doing his thing.

Fish on the fish-tank floor. They love a laugh too, you know.

Brendan added: “Comedians will be on stage between 8:30 and 10:30 pm then live music will be on offer into the early hours. It is not just a comedy club. It is a place for everyone to come and enjoy.”

Development work continues inside the venue, however guests are today able to experience three floors: the ground level Magnet bar, the middle floor (known as The Fish-tank bar) and finally the iconic basement where comedians will take to the stage every weekend to a capacity of around 120 people.

Boasting a life-span of more than half a century and playing host to performers such as Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury, The Magnet is a jewel in the crown of Liverpool nightlife and up until its most recent closure was a huge student haunt.