Langdale lifters strike second student home in a week…and make off with £4,500 of stuff

They even took their asthma inhalers

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Sneaky robbers smashed a window and broke in on Thursday night, days after a burglary on the same street.

The criminals, thought to be no older than 17, broke into a back bedroom and raided the Langdale Road house – taking laptops, watches, lynx deodorant and inhalers – and leaving only anti-vandal paint footprints behind.

Four of the housemates now feel lost and unsafe in their home

“They piddled in through my window and just rubbed shit all over my floor,” said Rupert, the third year geography student whose room they first entered.

The housemates had a pretty tame pre-drinks with only 6 people and ordered one large taxi for everyone,  following police advice not to book several cabs at once so as not to attract attention to the empty house.

But the residents suspected their driver gave a signal to the thieves.

Architecture student Alex said:”He gave a funny honk and asked if I know why he did that, and I was battered so didn’t really think anything of it.

“I came back on my own and thought I’d just lost my laptop. I was really pissed and running around looking for it, then I saw these black footprints in my room.

The suspects appear to have hooves

Rupert was too upset to show his face or leave his bed

“I rang the other guys, they were at some girls house and wouldn’t believe me or leave. When I finally convinced them they sprinted back, Jonny had his top off and was panting – which is a shame because they had nabbed his inhaler.”

Jonny told of his heartbreak at losing his breathing apparatus. He said: “Those cunts took my inhalers… You’d think that would make them easier to catch.”

Jonny confessed that after the incident he was so scared to sleep in his room he shared a bed with his housemate and his housemate’s girlfriend.

The burglars took an unusual haul consisting of everything from Lynx to loose tobacco but left several game consoles and TVs. However, they did steal Chris’ treasured and expensive Tag Heuer watch.

Chris showing off his beloved on a night out

Chris seemed rather unruffled by any other aspect of the experience telling The Tab: “Shit happens, what you going to do? It’s bants living on this road.”

Mourning the loss of his watch but nothing else


The police told the residents that they suspected it was a gang of local teenagers.

Alex said: “Two lady detectives came round and were absolutely loving us in our hungover states.

“A CSI guy came round too, but he was pretty budget – he said he’d never seen anything like the footprints, which were obviously made with anti vandal paint.”


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