A man was assaulted in the city centre this afternoon

He was in his twenties

We asked you if you felt safe living on Smithdown

Turns out, you’re kinda chill

Burnt out Smithdown van connected to Wavertree shooting

A handgun was retrieved by Police

Police found a bag of guns on Jamaica Street this morning

They recovered a bag of replica firearms

The top three most burgled streets in Merseyside are all off Smithdown

It’s not great news if you live on Langton or Borrowdale

Arrest made in fresher’s week rape investigation

A 32 year old man has been arrested

Wavertree woman forced to fight off attacker in attempted rape

Merseyside Police have stepped up patrols over the bank holiday weekend

Brooklyn Mixer ‘bionic bouncer’ jailed for breaking man’s jaw

He saw the man kissing his girlfriend

Merseyside is the stalking capital of the UK

The worst four areas for this type of crime were found in areas of Liverpool

You could be fined £1,000 for buying alcohol for drunk friends

The Police are trying to get us to Drink Less Enjoy More again

Smithdown is home to the real uni experience, not town

There’s no place I’d rather be

I am scared to live on Smithdown Road

When will it all end?

Borrowdale Road is the most dangerous road to live on in Smithdown

Over 2,500 crimes were committed in Smithdown last year

Can anyone identify the sarni stasher?

Perhaps they were doing a sandwich course

Kennny kidnapper wanted for £5,000

A manhunt is on for ‘Scouse Jay’ after he kidnapped a woman in October

508 sex offenders are living in Liverpool

102 out of every 100,000 in the area have been convicted.

Trick or treat? House burgled on Halloween

Opportunist robbers helped themselves to laptops, mobile phones and a few tinnies

John Moores student attacked by newly released pervert

He was first jailed in 2003 after sexually assaulting an elderly woman

Father shot in front of his child in Wavertree

He was shot as he left his home last night

£10,000 of goods stolen from Salisbury road: Smithdown thugs strike again

Laptops, ipods, tablets, speakers and a CAR this time