Burglars ransack house on Langdale Road

Over £3,500 worth of goods were stolen after robbers broke in through an open window

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Opportunistic robbers raided a seven-bed house on Monday night while two people slept peacefully.

The burglars broke in through an open window after the drunken students forgot to shut it on their way out.

Over £3,500 worth of goods were nicked, including four laptops, a PS4 and an iPod touch.

The students, who had just moved to the house on Langdale Road on Smithdown, didn’t notice anything had happened until the following morning.

Jim said: “We only realised in the morning, we were still steaming and all started to laugh about it, but now it’s kicked in it’s quite shit.

“We thought it might be one of our friends playing a practical joke then we realised everything had gone.”

The back bathroom window had been left open

The Robotic Engineering fresher, who had only moved in that day, told The Tab: “We were being a bit naive, it was quite a big pres and then people who didn’t even live here left last.

“Somebody broke in through the yard door and then climbed in the window.”

Shay was in the house with his girlfriend when the incident occurred, completely unaware anything was going on.

The students felt the true repercussions of their drunken decisions

Somebody had even tried to open his door, but he just thought it was a housemate returning from their night on the town.

He said: “At least they didn’t rob me of my 8 hours. They were very courteous and didn’t make a ruckus.”

Two of the boys in the house were puzzled to find their aftershave had been nicked.

Max said: “They took my Paco Rabanne- I didn’t even like it.”

But these light-fingered – and now sweet-smelling – criminals had very particular taste, as one housemate’s perfume had been sprayed, rejected and then thrown on the bed.

The perfume that was pied

Emily, whose door was kicked down during the raid, offered to cover the damages because they’d left the window open, but the generous landlord refused.

Emily said her room was still a mess from incident

Unsurprisingly, the students are on edge after the robbery, but praise the police and their landlord’s speedy response.

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