The Best Places to Sleep on Campus

Tired of trying to find a place to have a quick nap before your next lecture? Look no further, as The Tab brings you their top sleeping spots.

Deadlines, late nights and hangovers are all regular stresses of student life. When a good nap is needed in between lectures or the tedious essay slog where can you turn?

The Tab found you the best bogs on campus and now we’re bringing you our list of the top places to catch some zzz’s.

The Liverpool University campus is big and busy, giving you plenty of spaces to sleep but not a great deal of privacy… we’ve all seen the people sleeping in the SJ, and we’ve all laughed at them whilst secretly wishing we had the audacity to have a snooze there too.

So next time you’re tired and out of luck, don’t buy a coffee, just try one of these prime spots.

Sydney Jones Library, Silent Study, Second Floor.

Let’s start with a classic – it’s quiet, well located and you won’t be alone when taking a nap here.

Pretty unoriginal as a sleeping spot, if you sleep here you probably don’t have a very vivid imagination and use Wikipedia as a starting point for essays.

You’re also likely to be caught by that guy you’ve had your eye on since the beginning of the semester. Believe me now, he won’t join you for a spoon, he will just think you’re a freak.

Saying this, it’s a favourite due to the fact that when you wake up you’ll be exactly where you left off and can get back to cramming without having to walk anywhere.

Privacy – 1/5

Humiliation Factor – 3/5 (but only because everybody else is doing it)

Facilities – 5/5 (Toilets, plugs and vending machines are nearby – what else could you possibly need?!)

Overall Score – 3/5 “too mainstream”

Abercromby Square, Park Bench

You might have to wrap up warm for this one but The Tab find taking a nap al fresco can revitalise your mind.

It is fucking freezing at the moment though.

This spot makes you feel at one with nature and, unless it’s sunny, there’s not a great amount of footfall, leaving you to dream away with the background noise of birdsong and traffic.

There are plenty of benches and if you’re feeling ambitious you could even mount a blow up mattress on the grass!

A central location with easy access to the library, gym and most South Campus lecture buildings.

Privacy – 3/5 (variable)

Humiliation Factor – 4/5 (you might be mistaken for a vagabond)

Facilities – 1/5 

Overall Score – 2/5 “Atmospheric” (but only for those with thick skin)

The Management Building, First Floor

Secluded, warm and wonderfully cosy. The management building is a great find, considering most of us have never been in it before.

The heating was on and the sofas were vacant – barely anybody walks through so its perfect for those “light sleepers”.

The decor is slightly offensive, but your eyes are going to be shut anyway!

Privacy – 4/5 

Humiliation Factor – 2/5 

Facilities – 3/5 (Plugs, bins and a toilet)

Overall Score – 4/5 “Tranquil” 

Garstang Museum, Ground Floor

If you’re in this building, you’re probably a lecturer or have a one-off archaeology workshop so it’s perfect for a sly slumber.

Allowing you to take in a bit of culture whilst you dream, you’ll wake up feeling like Indiana Jones.

The downside is the lack of furniture. A bit like trying to find a bed at a house-party you’ll struggle to find a spot that doesn’t break your back.

This is also well heated, so having a siesta won’t be too hard.

Privacy – 5/5 

Humiliation Factor – 4/5 (if you’re caught you will definitely get kicked out in your jim-jams)

Facilities – 3/5 

Overall Score – 3.5/5 “Stiff but satisfactory” 

Central  Teaching Hub, Ground Floor

This is a cheerful place to catch forty winks with bright sofas and not too many people (or at least no one you’d care about anyway, nerds).

There are stains on most of the sofas which is off-putting and thinking of what they actually consist of may result in you losing sleep.

If you’re brave enough though, they’re comfy and even accommodate multiple sleepers – just for when you fancied a group snooze.

Privacy – 2/5 

Humiliation Factor – 3/5 (it’ll be easier to laugh at them than for them to laugh at you)

Facilities – 4/5 

Overall Score – 4/5 “Your own personal hibernation booth” 

Outside the Muspratt Building

This one is one of The Tab’s worst shouts.

Sleeping on stone, and in the thoroughfare of most routes to lectures, this spot is only for the exhibitionist.

Avoiding a telling-off by university staff, you cannot really stay here for long unless it is very late and very dark… which means it will be very cold.

Privacy – 0/5 

Humiliation Factor – 5/5 (expect pointing, laughing and copious abuse)

Facilities – 0/5 

Overall Score – 1/5 “unlike Tess D’Urberville, sleeping on this altar is not a sacrifice to make” 

The Rendall Building, First Floor

Saving the best for last, The Tab brings you … heaven (or close enough anyway).

Open late, this is the top spot for sleeping. The sofas are comfier than most beds at Carnatic.

For a crucial bit of shut-eye, hit up this place after 4pm and let the counting sheep commence.

A vending machine, Tesco and a Nero’s within minutes – this is also the best place for post-nap munchies.

Privacy – 3/5 

Humiliation Factor – 2/5 

Facilities – 5/5 

Overall Score – 4/5 “Sweeter dreams than in the SJ”

Finding a place to sleep on campus doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but if you’ve got any better ones let us know in the comments.

All photos courtesy of Helen Easton (a real dreamboat).

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