Gel Eyeliner 101

OLIVIA SZCZEBLEWSCA-MOORE banishes those panda eyes for good

gel eyeliner make up tutorial

Gel eyeliner is one of the best ways to achieve a real ‘no-budge’ look sturdy enough to withstand even the sweatiest of Raz dungeons. Only difficult part is mastering how to apply the damn stuff.

I’m going to recommend using MAC Gel liner in ‘Blacktrack’ and an Ecotools angled brush. I would seriously advise practicing this a few times to get used to it, or you could end up a bizarre hybrid of Taylor Momsen and Donatella Versace. If you’ve got any queries, just refer to Google images and you’ll get the idea.

1. Apply an eyeshadow primer and any eyeshadow(s) as desired. Keep it simple if you’re a novice. I am wearing a taupe shadow faintly blended into the crease of the socket (not an innuendo)

2. Using your angled brush, draw a thin diagonal flick/line on the outside edge of the eye. This isn’t exactly dot to dot, but if you go slowly and gently this will form the guideline for a cat eye flick. Be sure to use a small amount of product and build up slowly – don’t get too excited.

3. Create a triangular shape, leading onto the line you just made, and connect this to the lash line. Fill this in with the rest of the product left on your brush.

4. After filling in the triangular shape, gradually extend the line across the lashline, into the inner corners of the eye. I usually line my top waterline also, but if you’re a little squeamish and don’t fancy poking out your own eyeballs leave this one out. Ain’t gonna look like Beyonce with a gammy eye now are ya.

5. Using a little more product, make the liner darker and tidy up any gaps or bumps. Be sure to direct the angle of the brush in the direction you want the liner to go. May sound simple, but it does take a bit of practice getting used to. Once you’ve got this down however, tell the boiz to form an orderly Q.

Apply mascara as desired and you’re done! I will admit you’re not exactly guaranteed to look like a Victoria’s Secret model but at least you tried love. It’s the thought that counts.

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