Bag Yourself a House For £1!

Struggling first time buyer? Buy a house in Kenny… For £1!

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Liverpool City Council have released plans to sell off 20 houses in Kensington, for just £1.

Could be yours for a measly pound

Anyone who can demonstrate DIY skills can buy the houses, provided they renovate them to a decent standard and live there for 5 years without subletting.

Eye sores like this will have to be renovated

The initiative is a way of driving up the quality of housing in the area, with the view that these disused houses can be restored to their former glory.

Parts of Kenny have already been redeveloped

The plans also include the selling of some to social housing provider, The Riverside Group, who will renovate and sell for 25% less than the market value.

Disused properties are littered around Kensington

This all falls under the Kensington Regeneration Programme, attempting to create more of a community in the area.

However, even if house prices here are rock bottom, four years ago a police report identified more murders, attempted murders and gun crime in Kensington than any other part of Liverpool.

And if you did end up living here, these could be your neighbours.


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