Two gunmen open fire in Kensington news shop

Police beieve it was a ‘targeted attack’

Only the most interesting people have the box room

Hey look, it’s the cool girl with the tiny bedroom

Smithdown is home to the real uni experience, not town

There’s no place I’d rather be

Locals set fire to bins outside student house in Kensington

Hide yo kids hide yo wife

Stop complaining about Liverpool: You could live in a rural village

Some don’t even have cash machines

There’s a huge rat infestation in Kenny

Thank god Smithdown is in Wavertree

Admit it, you hate your housemates don’t you?

First you loved them, then it was love hate, and now you just hate them

Smithdown’s reign has come to an end: Long live Kenny

Kenny rules

Borrowdale Road is the most dangerous road to live on in Smithdown

Over 2,500 crimes were committed in Smithdown last year

How to bag the dingiest crib in Liverpool

If you haven’t got hold of a house yet – don’t panic

Kennny kidnapper wanted for £5,000

A manhunt is on for ‘Scouse Jay’ after he kidnapped a woman in October

Fiddler on the roof: Student caught masturbating over housemate on roof

Close your blinds in Kenny

Giant mutant rats invade Liverpool

Rats that are “as big as cats” are in the city and gorging on popular student leftovers.

Spawn of ‘The Devil’

Liverpool gangster arrested and gun found dumped in the Mersey.

Bag Yourself a House For £1!

Struggling first time buyer? Buy a house in Kenny… For £1!

Liverpool one of the UK’s safest cities

Everyone needs to calm down, Liverpool is safer than Birmingham. Official.